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Tarot Card Meanings – The Hermit

Tarot Card Meanings – The Hermit

The Hermit card carries the vibration of the number nine, which is a most powerful number.

Knowledge is Power, and the Hermit obtains this power through contemplation.

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The Hermit card usually refers to “going within” to obtain the truth or higher knowledge.

When the Yogis retreat to their caves and meditate for long periods of time they often experience an inner awareness of truth that is not apparent in everyday life.

When you are able to block out the distractions that we all must deal with, even if only for short periods of time, we may emerge from that retreat feeling refreshed and empowered with knowledge.

We all have the ability to tap into the “Universal Mind” where all knowledge exists. By retreating into the silence we have a much better chance of perceiving the higher knowledge.

The Hermit is one who has retreated from society. He carries the lantern of “enlightenment”.

When you desire to understand something more deeply it becomes necessary to withdraw yourself from hurried activities and allow yourself time to ponder and meditate. It’s by “going within” that all is revealed.

For this exercise you will need a notebook or some paper. If you want to use paper, just make sure that you write your notes in such a way on the paper so that you leave room on the sides so that you can use a hole punch to make holes to put the paper in a three ring binder. If you use a notebook, leave several blank pages between cards so that you may add any notes or additional information that you may acquire in the future. Don’t skip this important step.

Next, create a sacred space. When I say to “create a sacred space”, I mean that you should find some quiet, private space.

You should use prayer or meditation to shift you into an intuitive state, to invoke protection, and to humbly ask to be assisted by your spirit guides, inner teachers and angels.

If you need to, please review the previous lessons to refresh your memory. Feel free to use incense, candles, music, etc. to assist you to get into that intuitive state.

Then, take a few moments to meditate on The Hermit card. Ask to be shown or given any other meanings and/or interpretations that you can use in connection with this card.

If you find that your eye is pulled to a particular detail, write that down. Whatever information seems to flood into your mind, write it down. Whatever feelings you get, write that down.

Personalize it any way that you can. If it makes you think about a particular situation in your own life or in someone else’s life, jot that down. Allow The Hermit card to “speak” to you.

What is YOUR INTERPRETATION of The Hermit card?

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