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Temperance – Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot Card Meanings – Temperance

The next card is called Temperance.  The number associated with Temperance is 14.

The Temperance card is beautiful and upon it we see the Holy Archangel Michael.  Michael is a wonderful protector angel.  You can see illumination around his head, you can see a round sphere with dot in the center near the top of this Crown or forehead. You see a pyramid shape in his heart area.

HA Temperance 177x300

These symbols indicate that he is a vehicle of Higher Love and Higher Wisdom. Notice in the background you can see the path to enlightenment there.

Michael holds 2 cups, flowing liquid from one to the other.  The Cups we know are symbols of the heart.  Water represents emotion or love.  Michael is standing in water and he’s flowing liquid from one cup to the other or love or emotion from one heart to another.

There’s a lot of illumination in this picture as well as water. Michael is surrounded by both Love and Light.

If you seek protection from the Angelic Realm this card may very well fall into your Tarot Spread. When we ask we receive, so please seek the presence and protection of the Holy Archangels in your life. They will be glad to surround you with their light and their love. They will empower any tarot card reading that you may do, if you ask them to.

Archangel Micheal is a strong angelic protector.

When the Temperance card appears in your reading you can feel that protection is around the people involved.  And the literal translation for temperance means everything in moderation.  It’s about taking a balanced approach.

Now, take a few moments to meditate on the Temperance card. Ask to be shown or given any other meanings and/or interpretations that you can use in connection with this card.

If you find that your eye is pulled to a particular detail, write that down. Whatever information seems to flood into your mind, write it down. Whatever feelings you get, write that down. Personalize it any way that you can. If it makes you think about a particular situation in your own life or in someone else’s life, jot that down.

Allow the Temperance card to “speak” to you.


What is YOUR interpretation of the TEMPERANCE Card?






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