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The Magician – Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot Card Meanings - The Magician

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretations in Tarot Card Spreads.

The next Tarot Card in the Higher Arcana is called The Magician.  The number on this card is the number one.  You can see on this card  that the Magician has on his table before him all four tools or all four symbols of the four suits of the tarot deck.  On this table is a Pentacle, a Cup or chalice, a Sword, and a Wand.  Each suit represents one of the four elements. These are the same four elements that the Magician must learn to understand, to communicate with, and to control.

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Tarot card meanings of The Magician. The message  that The Magician tarot card sends is one of focused energy and intent.  Since each and every one of us is a Magician, these are the elements that consist of everything that we create. Whether you are aware of it or not, each one of us is creating our own reality every single day. The Magician card’s message is Focus, Intention, Goal, Strong Will, Single-Mindedness. 

 When I see The Magician card I know that there is a lot of power in the circumstances surrounding the situation. 

 This person is focused.  This person will probably get what he wants.  This person has a goal in mind.  This person has a clear intent. 

 You must have focus and intent to achieve any goal in this life.  The Magician card is about focused power and intent.


Now, take a few moments to meditate on The Magician card.

Ask to be shown or given any other meanings and/or interpretations that you can use in connection with this card.

If you find that your eye is pulled to a particular detail, write that down. Whatever information seems to flood into your mind, write it down. Whatever feelings you get, write that down.

Personalize it any way that you can. If it makes you think about a particular situation in your own life or in someone else’s life, jot that down. Allow The Magician card to “speak” to you.

What is YOUR INTERPRETATION of The Magician Tarot Card?

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